Majestic Sunset

One of my favorite things about Wheeler is watching the sunset over Nehalem Bay from the dock at Wheeler on the Bay Lodge. Thanks to some great weather this past weekend, we got to witness several majestic sunsets.

Happy October

Happy October. The current weather forecast calls for sun all weekend long with the expected temperature to hit 75 on Sunday. Come to Wheeler to enjoy the pristine views of the Nehalem Bay. Better yet, make a plan to get out on the water. Did we mention that we offer free kayaking during your stay at Wheeler on the Bay Lodge?

Antiques Galore

Did you know there are six major antique dealers and art shops within walking distance of Wheeler on the Bay Lodge? You can spend hours browsing the many shelves and shops, and you might even just find the perfect treasure to remember your trip!

What will you catch on your fishing trip?

The fish are plenty here, but make sure to bring your binoculars along on that fishing trip, in case you catch more eagles with your eyes than fish with your hook!

Watch the sky change with the hours!

At Wheeler on the Bay, the sky is as magical as the waters. Enjoy both as the hours pass and the weather changes. There are no big concrete, steel or glass buildings in your way here.