Artist Residency Application

Your work sample is the most significant part of your application. Submit a sample in the genre or style you propose to work in while at Wheeler on the Bay Lodge.

Visual Art: Please provide some images of your work in JPEG format along with a work description document containing your name, and listing the JPEG filename, title, medium, size and year of completion for each piece.

JPEG files should be at least 800×600 pixels and formatted to 72dpi. NO TIFF OR PSD FILES ACCEPTED. Each filename must be numbered and correspond to the accompanying work-description document.

Writing: Your writing sample should be representative of the genre in which you plan to work while in residence. Provide one document that contains a sample as follows:

~Fiction: 5-10 pages of a novel excerpt, a story, or short stories.

~Poetry:  5 pages of poetry.

~Nonfiction: 5-10 pages of nonfiction.

~Playwriting: One or more scenes from a play.

~Screen writing: One or more scenes from a screenplay. Include in this document a cover page that contains the title(s) of the work, the applicant’s name, and the expected date of completion.

~Music/Film: Please submit a sample of your work in video or audio.


We review applications using the following criteria: quality, promise, and feasibility, and select finalists based on the priorities listed above.

The form must be completely filled out – applications that are incomplete will not be accepted.


10 + 2 =


After participating in our Artist Residency Program, we respectfully ask that you acknowledge the Wheeler on the Bay Lodge Artist Residency in the final product of the work created during your stay and take the time fill out an EXIT INTERVIEW.